Glitterattidiva1 16:58, February 26, 2012 (UTC)JUSTIN BIEBER LAWSUIT BREAK-UP!

HEY! i cant believe selena gomez dumped justin bieber over a paternity lawsuit! can you? leave a comment! is this lady right or is she crazy?! to find out go to clevver tv on youtube. and subscribe and also keep up-to-date on virtualv and help edit. Selena' never revealed that she broke up with justin not only because she thought he was two-timing her but because her career is more important to her.
HOW TO ROCK is the #1 newest american musical comedy tv series besides A.N.T. Farm. i personally think kacy should still be in the perfs even if she does jam with gravity five. the cast has big secrets. Samantha biscarino says she wouldn't ever do those things in person. she states that cymphonique is crushing on max schiedner in the show. china anne mcclain posted on twitter last night that how to rock should be cancelled because it copies the concept of A.N.T. Farm with the music. china says that the creators of both shows will talk so they can sort this out. how does this go?! more gossip comin' soon!