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                         Glitterattidiva123 - Head Tech Girl

Bonjour💋! It's Glitterattidiva123, the founder of this wiki! I am proud of everyone who pitched in and helped. I started TEAM TECH GIRL, because I wanted to separate regular users, admins, and BEAUCRATS. Working with iTechDiva and iZap is very fun they always pitch in and help. I know everyone wants to be a tech girl, but only seven other users are chosen to be TECH GIRLS or Semi-TECHs which are admins. Each month I select a new TECH GIRL and Semi-Tech. If u want to be a TECH GIRL contact me or the girls on our talk pages. ALOHA💋

                         Carly101 - Discontinued Tech Girl

This user is discontinued

                         Jenny1000 - Co-Head Tech Girl

Hi💋! It's Jenny1000! I'm so happy to be a TECH GIRL. It's amazing! I love othe codenames and fun features, even though we can't customize user rights. It's totally cool! Working with Glitter is like a sister to me. She always has new ideas and is full of creativity. If you want to be a TECH GIRL contact me or the others.